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APE GmbH is a market leading developer and manufacturer of components and systems for the ultrafast laser industry: precision, quality and service. The product range varies from autocorrelators to spectrometers, from acousto-optical instruments to synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators.


Product Keywords
APE Carpe Autocorrelator for Microscopy
Microscopy autocorrelator to measure pulse duration at sample location
APE Carpe autocorrelator
APE Cavity Dumper Kit
Intracavity reduction of pulse repetition rates
APE cavity dumper kit
APE FemtoControl Pulse Compressor
Pulse compression and dispersion compensation with femtoControl for femtosecond pulses
APE FemtoControl dispersion control device
Tunable femtosecond pulses with GHz repetition rate for Ti:S laser
APE OPO PP Auto ynchronously pumped OPO mode-locked ps or fs Ti:S laser
APE HarmoniXX Frequency Converter
Frequency converters for ultrafast laser
APE Harmonixx frequency converter
APE Levante Emerald ps Tunable NIR OPO
Tunable automated ps NIR OPO suitable for an external green ps pump laser
APE Levante IR OPO synchronously pumped OPO mode-locked Nd:Vandate
APE Levante IR Synchronously Pumped OPO
Tunable automated ps or fs OPO suitable for an external IR pump laser
APE Levante IR synchronously pumped OPO
APE Mini Compact Autocorrelator
Tuning-free, compact size, exchangeable optics
APE Mini autocorrelator
APE OPO-X fs or ps Tunable OPO
Tunable automated OPO suitable for Ti:S laser
APE picoemerald s OPO mode-locked Ti:S pump laser tumable picosecond
APE picoEmerald Picosecond Tunable Laser
One-box with multi-colour output
APE picoEmerald CARS Raman spectroscopy OPO
APE PulseCheck Autocorrelator
Pulse width measurement perfection
APE PulseCheck autocorrelator
APe pulseCheck NX Autocorrelator
High sensitivity and dynamic range, low noise
APE PulseSelect Pulse Picker
Acousto-optic modulator based pulse picker
APE PulseSelect acousto-optic modulator pulse picker
APE PulseSlicer Pulse Shaper
Narrowing the bandwidth of pulsed lasers spectral cutting
APE PulseSlicer narrows broadband laser pulses
APE ScanDelay Optical Delay System
Special drive for high precision linear translation of an optical component
APE ScanDelay special drive
APE Spider IR Phase Resolved Pulse Measurement
Towards short pulses at 1µm central wavelength
APE IR Spider ultrafast spectral and temporal characterisation
APE WaveScan Laser Spectrometer
High resolution spectral analysis
APE wavescan